This is a combined application for every type of member.  
Your telephone number and address will not be released to the public.
By your application, you agree to the following statements:

We are a group of LOCAL people who volunteer and/or raise money and awareness for nonprofit organizations.  

Each of us is committed to being positive and pro-active in promoting other members, including the nonprofits, sponsors and the community!

Your application will be reviewed for approval during the next board meeting and you may be invited to participate in events as a "pending member" on a case-by-case basis.  
  • Please show your support for our members sharing their events and posts
  • Please join us at networking events each month
  • Please remain positive and professional when representing Working Class Karma dba Virginia Art With Heart
  • Share to and from the Virginia Art With Heart/Working Class Karma Group page.  "If its up there - PLEASE share!"
Once your application is approved, please respond to our follow up email to ensure your profile is complete on our website.
  • If you are applying as a local creative member, please pay the $30 annual membership fee.
  • If you have already paid this year, please disregard. 
  • If you signed up with a different rate, or unsure if you paid, please send an email to  
  • Remember, thanks to our sponsors, this fee allows you to show and sell at at least three events with no additional charge - 10% of your sales is donated to charity instead.    
If you are applying as a nonprofit member, please ensure you have the proper authority to fill out this form. We will reach out to you soon.

If you are applying as a sponsor or supporter.  We will reach out to you soon.

*This is a recurring fee.  By paying this as a recurring fee, you are locking in your lifetime rate at the current fee
If you need to pay annually instead, you will pay the current rate for each subsequent year. 
Please contact  for alternate payment method, if needed.
Thank you, in advance,  for taking the time to answer and for supporting each other and our community!  
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